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Formerly  Bodegas de Mendoza, which began in 2001, Crux Imports began as a small company, that recognized early on the potential in the wines of Argentina, especially the Malbec grape. Founded by  Hubert T. Montgomery, Crux Imports through decades old relationships with family owned wineries in Argentina, and throughout the world is committed to providing the highest quality wine for the most competitive price throughout the United States. A Veteran Owned Small Business, we have walked the vineyards of all of our supporting wineries, and believe strongly in the reciprocal quality of the relationship and the wine.

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Crux Imports President and Founder,  Hubert T. Montgomery Served in the United States Army from 1961-1968. A General Surgeon in the Army Medical Corps, Dr. Montgomery earned the rank of Major and continues to be a strong supporter of the U.S. Military and veterans associations, while also providing opportunities for military veterans. 
Kevin Trimble is the new Marketing Director for Crux Imports. Kevin was an active duty Marine from 1994-2017, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel.


Crux Imports President, Dr. H.T. Montgomery (L) and Marketing Director, Kevin Trimble at the 2013 Marine Corps Ball


Crux President, Dr. H.T. Montgomery and Marketing Director Kevin Trimble, enjoying a glass in Mendoza, Argentina in 2018.

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